Friday, February 6, 2009

A Review of the Law of Attraction and the Bible

Thanks also to Dawn Norton for her review of the book. I really appreciate it!

"The Law of Attraction, as taught in the wildly popular DVD and book The Secret , is all the rage now. When I first heard of the Law of Attraction and began reading about it two years ago, I thought, 'That sounds like the Law of the Harvest. You reap what you sow.' After seeing the movie The Secret, I was more intrigued to see if I could find it's principles in the pages of scripture. I found dozens of examples of the Law of Attraction. I continue to be fascinated as I read the Bible and find little gems that correspond to the movie The Secret, on an almost daily basis.

"Then I read the book The Law of Attraction and the Bible by Michael Fitzgerald. His words confirmed and expanded what I have learned in my study of the Bible; that the Law of Attraction has spiritual roots in the Bible and that we can surely live its principles with the blessing of God. For those who found any discomfort or apprehension in hearing about the Law of Attraction for the first time, this book settles the question as to whether or not we can use the steps in The Secret with confidence as Christians. Michael not only explains the principles that can obviously be supported by scripture, he also offers great insights and makes wonderful connections that show his strength of discernment, sincerity, and originality of thought.

"If you have ever asked questions like, 'What is stopping me from being successful? Can I really achieve anything I want? Is it OK to be wealthy?' and many more, then you owe it to yourself to read The Law of Attraction and the Bible."

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