Friday, February 6, 2009

A Review of the Law of Attraction and the Bible

I want to share with you a book review for The Law of Attraction and the Bible from Tamara Laing. Thank you, Tamara!

"When I first read about the Law of Attraction, I was angry. There was no way I had anything to do with attracting the trials I dealt with. However, as I read more about what I called the 'supposed' law, my entire perception changed. I was no longer a victim of circumstances! I started to believe I really had power to change my thoughts and my situation.

"I discovered that even just reading about the Law of Attraction gave me hope and lifted my depression. That was years ago. When I saw The Secret I was already convinced it had true principles because they had worked in my own life. For me, the Law of Attraction is all about faith in God.

"Michael Fitzgerald's book uncovers a bigger secret. He
reveals aspects of the Law of Attraction in Jesus' own words over and over again. You'll be amazed at his insight! The Law of Attraction and the Bible is a must read for skeptics and believers alike.

"I read this book so fast that I can hardly wait to go back and reread a hard copy. I will underline passages, write in the margins, and dog ear the pages, like I do all the good books I read! This one is terrific!"

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